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Writing books is up there with some of the scariest and most exhilarating things I've ever done. I was excited by the opportunity and daunted by the magnitude of the work in equal measure.


Writing books has helped me improve and refine my writing skills immeasurably. The lessons I have learned have enabled me to collate a mass of helpful guidelines for all future writing projects – whether they be books, website content, marketing and communications content, articles or business proposals. I look forward to sharing these with clients.


To find out more about my books, please check them out below.

This book showcases the fun and adventures that can be had exploring some of New Zealand’s lesser-known destinations and driving routes. The publisher wanted a slightly quirky take on places to visit, stay and activities to enjoy. Despite a very tight travel schedule, and a series of unexpected cyclones, the author and I drove thousands of miles over the summer months. The research adventures were real, and the Publisher was thrilled with the end result.

(Published by Penguin/Random House Publishers in October 2018)  

Author & Photographer:

The Kiwi Cyclist's Guide to Life

My second book is a collection of inspiring stories about the lives and cycling adventures of a broad range of Kiwis from all around New Zealand. The challenge with this book was to identify and interview cyclists with unique and compelling stories, from all modes of cycling and with different levels of experience – from Olympians to recreational riders. 


(Published by Bateman Publishers in November 2017)

My first book is about a group of beautiful islands – a stunning natural marine environment, situated east of the North Island of New Zealand. The publisher’s brief was to capture the essence of the region from multiple perspectives: recreation, history, conservation and the people who live, work and love spending time in the gulf. I was commended on achieving a well-balanced mix of these perspectives and for seamlessly integrating factual information with the more personal stories from the people I interviewed. 


(Published by Bateman Publishers in November, 2017)

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